What to Expect From Me

What to Expect From Me 2018-09-21T21:18:53+00:00

What you’ll see from me if elected

If elected, you will see someone who has energy, that is committed to doing the best they can for Summit County. You’ll see someone who is honest and bases decisions on fact. You’ll see someone who wants to give you a heads up about what is going on. You’ll see someone who wants to receive your emails, read what you say, and listen to your ideas.

I want to be a representative where you know where I am coming from, and even if you don’t agree with me, you respect and understand the decisions made.

Donating my salary

A County Council member makes approximately $38,000 per year, plus benefits. During my first three years, I pledge to donate my after-tax salary to North Summit Schools, South Summit Schools, and the Park City School District. My current job pays enough that my family is doing fine. These groups could probably use that money in a number of ways to make children’ lives better. In years three and four of my term, I’ll have to revisit whether I can financially continue this pledge, but I hope so.

Leadership by example

I believe in leadership by example. How can I ask someone else to do something, if I’m not willing to do it too? Over the past few years, Summit County has invested heavily in buses and electric bikes. I believe all County Council members should be riding the bus or using alternative transportation methods when possible.

Therefore, I will generally ride my e-bike to meetings when they are in the Basin and paved-trails permit. In the winter, I will drive to the Park and ride, and take a bus to meetings from there. How can I expect someone else to make sacrifices if I an unwilling to do so. Likewise, how are we supposed to know what is working and what is not, if we are not practicing what we preach.