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The middle 2018-09-23T21:35:16+00:00

Left and right is a distraction

One of the biggest issues we have in Summit County government has been exposed by this year’s election. All candidates are running unopposed. What that means is the person elected is the person the Democratic party chose for the position. This is unlikely to change, as it seems potential Republican candidates for county positions feel they have no hope of winning in Summit County, so they are unwilling to run.

I’m afraid that is going to leave us with a series of elections with no choices come November.

In a perfect world, Summit County elections would be non-partisan, like they are in Park City. Let everyone run as themselves. Let all candidates be vetted on who they are and the positions they take. Don’t pigeonhole people into parties. Unfortunately, it’s not that way.

So, as part of my election efforts, I am starting an effort called The Middle. I want to help people run as an unaffiliated candidate in 2020. I’d guess there are people more qualified to be on the County Council than me.  They just aren’t running.

I want to understand what barriers can be broken down, so that the average person can run for office in Summit County. I want to make a path for people to run without a political party. That way elections can be decided by ideas and not dogma.

The two party system isn’t doing us any favor and is likely leading to worse outcomes. I’m hoping The Middle helps fix that.