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Water is one of the biggest issues in Summit County

Water is one of the biggest issues facing Summit County. Yet, we rarely seem to talk about it or hear about it. We all seem to count on it being there. We don’t consider it a scarce resource.

However, we live in a desert. Global warming is causing snowpack to decrease. More people are moving into Salt Lake, which increases water demands.

I have sat in past County Council meetings where it has been discussed that there is not enough water to handle all the water-rights CURRENTLY in existence. So, we have an issue that is fast approaching but one we haven’t come to terms with yet. More importantly if our population doubles, where does the water come from?

I want to make sure we don’t increase development in a way that stops you from using your allotted water. I don’t want a water official to come knocking on your door and telling you that you can only use a few gallons of water a day.

There may be those among us who want to grow Summit County’s population to 60,000 or 80,000. If that happens, where does the water come from?

The answer is that it will come from all of us and it won’t be pleasant.

Every development decision we make needs to account for water. I don’t believe that is happening today.