Equal representation

Equal representation 2018-10-22T03:25:17+00:00

The County Council does not provide equal representation

One of the fundamental principles in American government is equal representation. Everyone should have someone who can represent their interests at each level of government. Unfortunately, in Summit County we don’t have that. Currently, the Summit County Council is made up of one person from Oakley, three people from within the Park City limits, and one person from Silver Creek.

That leaves the east side of the county under-represented. It leaves Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook, and Summit Park with no representation. We need to change that.

I want the election of Summit County Council members to be by district.  If you divided the population of Summit County into like-sized areas by population you’d see similar populations in North Summit, South Summit, Park City, East Snyderville Basin, and West Snyderville Basin. That’s the way our County Council should be elected.

One member should be from the North Summit area (Wanship, Coalville, and surrounding areas). One member should be from South Summit (Oakley, Kamas, and surrounding areas). One member should be from within the Park City Limits. One member should be from Silver Creek, Trailside, and the Kimball Junction area. One member should be from Pinebrook, Jeremy Ranch, and Summit Park.

This would provide a number of positive impacts. First, we’d have a more representative council. Each distinct area of Summit County would have someone who is intimate with the area and could make decisions based on their area. Second, more candidates would run because they would only have to campaign to their region. Right now it takes substantial efforts to reach 25,000 voters county-wide; it’s expensive and time-consuming. The best people probably don’t run. More people would run, and better decisions would be made if candidates could focus on the area where they live.

I am convinced that we would have better outcomes for our entire county if our representation wasn’t so Park City-centric. We would have twice as many people who understand the dynamics of the east side. We’d at least have one person who represented Pinebrook, Jeremy, and Sumit Park’s interests. Right now, what we have is fatally flawed. I want to change that.