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We need to find better ways of communicating issues in Summit County. Often times decisions are made years ahead of time but then the execution of the decisions blindsides residents when it happens. A recent example is Kilby Road in the Snyderville Basin. People came unhinged about the construction of a road they now call “The Crazy 8’s.”

Summit County had solicited feedback about adding a park and ride by Ecker Hill Middle School a year before construction. Residents said they would be concerned with the volume and speed of traffic if the park and ride was implemented. What residents were probably saying is that they didn’t want a park and ride by a school. Yet, Summit County took that feedback and created a road designed to slow traffic. It makes sense.

Yet, after the road was constructed people started taking issue with it. They ask, “how could this have happened?”. They want to know who designed it. They berate our Public Works Director. They want it changed.

Of course, it’s too late for all that.

I believe early communication could have headed this issue off. I believe by providing online options for communication, we can provide better options for our citizens.

I want to bring a communication element to the County Council. I want to work with the County’s Community Affairs Director to engage the public early, so receive an overwhelming level of public comment that can help better shape our future.  I want to use the county council position so that I can communicate ahead of time on things that I think will impact you.

Online Chats

I would like to hold weekly online chats where we can talk about the issues. I want to hold those in evenings after our kids have gone to bed so that you can actually attend them. I want to listen to you and explain the decisions I have made. I want to represent you and your ideas.

The Bull Moose

I will provide the Bull Moose newsletter via email that provides an update about what is upcoming in Summit County. This would include planned designs for public works projects, issues in front of the Planning Commissions, and decisions being made by the Summit County Council. The idea is to provide an easy and accessible way for people to be informed.

Social Media

Facebook and Next Door are the two most used social networks in Summit County. I will provide frequent updates so that residents are aware of upcoming issues an have a chance to respond. Social media is the defacto standard of communication and we need to take that into account when making decisions.

We need better communication and I believe I can bring that to Summit County.