Investing in our east side communities

Investing in our east side communities 2018-09-23T21:28:53+00:00

Let’s invest in the east side of Summit County

One of the great things about Summit County is that the east side of Summit County is different from the west side. However, I believe that sometimes the east side gets the short end of the stick. For example, sales taxes get raised to fund buses in the Basin but the east side is paying for it too.

That said, one of the successes I have personally seen is the new building on the Summit County Fair Grounds in Coalville. It’s a modern building that can be used both for fair purposes in August and community purposes the rest of the year. It’s great. That building was at least partially funded through the use of Transient Room Taxes. These taxes are collected by hotels from visitors. The state then mandates that this money is used to promote recreation, tourism, film production, and conventions.

Historically, the majority of this money has been given to the Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism. The Chamber is given approximately $8-9 million per year. This year, the Chamber will receive 83 percent of the Transient Room Tax. This is will be phased down to 70 percent of the tax revenue by 2020.

As more money is kept by Summit County I want to ensure a large portion of that goes to our east-side communities. I want to work with our mayors and citizens on the east side to determine their needs. Would new ballparks be helpful? How about new parks? What types of recreational facilities would be useful?

I want to take the money that used to be used for TV ads in Miami and convert that into something tangible. I’d like to invest that money in our more rural communities — in ways those communities would find most beneficial.