About Me

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Hi I’m Josh Mann

I am fiscally more conservative and socially more liberal. I’m what you’d call an independent.

In 2012 I began following local politics closely. I strongly disagreed with the changes that were allowed at Kimball Junction — they lacked walkability and obstructed the mountain views. I wanted to understand how these decisions were made and wanted to share that knowledge with others. I began filming Summit County Meetings and posting them online for over two years. I then created The Park Rag website to provide coverage and commentary of all local politics. The Park Rag focuses on citizen journalism. I wanted to provide an avenue for normal citizens to express their viewpoints.

My day job is as Chief Technology Officer for a software company. That requires me to be both logical and creative — two attributes I believe are critical for the Summit County Council.

I absolutely love Summit County. I have two small children and plan to live here for decades to come. I want to ensure that that the 2030 and 2040 versions of Summit County are as great as they are now.

With your help, I think we can preserve what we love about our county and make this a better place for decades to come.